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The Big O-N-E: The Party

Hooray! I’ve finally finished collecting all of the photos from Norrie’s 1st Birthday Party. And I’m so excited to share them with you. It was such an amazing day! I’ve never experienced that kind of happiness. It was just so much fun to watch her take in all the new experiences of the day. She did a great job too, she didn’t seem overwhelmed by the people, cake, balloons or toys. 

These first 3 photos are of the cake table and the decorations. I spray painted some branches collected by Big Sis from her yard a deep pink. It took 4 coats of paint and I think I got more on the cardboard than on the branches, I must say it’s tricky to get those thin twigs painted. Big Sis also made those adorable felted acorns that are hanging on the branches. They were really the perfect touch to get that seasonal feel with the decorations. The mini banner on the cake was made from washi tape, my new fave! And the most delicious part, the cake was all made by scratch by yours truly. It’s definitely the way to go if you like moist, fluffy cake. And the frosting! The frosting is always my favorite part, I could seriously make an extra batch and eat it myself!


She got a beautiful miniature wicker chair from her Grandparents,  which she loves and sits in every day now. It must be nice to have something “her size” in a sea of enormous things.



This elephant, a gift from some close friends, shoots out balls and was clearly a hit with ALL of the kids! I have so much to learn about what children like to play with. I never in a million years would have bought this for Norrie, but it is clearly a winner. I just wish the kids came along with it, I think ND had more fun watching them play!




And then came the cake!! At first she had no clue what it was, she just took a bit of frosting and rubbed it between her fingers. Clearly this was going to take a while so we helped her out and held the cupcake up to her mouth so she could take a bite. And bite she did! She also spit out all the cake so she could eat only the frosting. Hey, it’s your day, if you want to eat all frosting that’s cool. She did end up eating the cake, she was vey methodical frosting first, cake second, and tidy, she kept it out of her hair and off the floor! 


After the majority of the guests left, I was cleaning dishes with my mother and I peeked out into the living room, there ND was laying on her Grandpa’s lap holding a balloon. This girl never lays on my lap, but there she was perfectly content, a perfect end to a perfect party.

Thank you to all who came, Big Sis for her craftiness, my mother for helping me set up, my father for taking the beautiful photos of ND in her chair and the children playing, and for letting me use his camera to capture the relaxed moment of her on his lap.

Now I just need to finish recovering from Thanksgiving, get ready for my cousin’s baby shower this weekend and prep for Christmas! No biggie right?! What are you doing this holiday season?

The Big O-N-E Today!!



Today is the day, our baby girl has turned 1. Happy Birthday little girl!! I know I’ve said this a million times, but it doesn’t feel like a year has passed. It’s been amazing and the celebration is tomorrow. Nothing too big, but we did want to formally celebrate her birth and our survival of the 1st year. I’ve been busy crafting all week, here’s another sneak peek of the party decorations.


I’m so excited to put all these little projects together! And then get to celebrating!! Hooray!

**special thanks to my husband for creating such a cute banner for my post today ~Thanks!!

How about you?! What are you getting into this weekend?

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