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TRIM PAINT: Before and After

I’m so excited to share todays post! It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, sadly a month late, (sorry about that.) For those of you who don’t know or can’t remember, I started painting the trim in 2 rooms of my home. Honestly the results are so amazing that I’m hitting myself for waiting 5 years before doing this!!

BEFORE: The living room’s orange hued miss-matched trim is not original to the house. So there were no “attachment issues” with ruining beautiful wood with paint. Besides, it’s all a bit heavy and disjointed for my taste.


AFTER: It’s amazing what a little paint and a lot of man-hours can do to a space. It’s fresh, unified, chic and relaxing. The living room feels much more open and the windows just recede into the space. I not only painted the trim but the fireplace as well as the front door. These were cream and looked terribly dingy next to the new brilliant white trim. (Doesn’t my ivory elephant stand out so much more now?! I just love that little guy!)

FancyFreeMe LR Trim After 1

FancyFreeMe LR Trim After 2

FancyFreeMe LR Trim After3

THE NITTY-GRITTY DETAILS {I wiped the wood clean of dust and primed with Zinsser 123 Primer. Filled all the cracks and joints and holes. Then finished with 2 coats of Sherwin William’s Latex Enamel Trim Paint in Snowbound.}


BEFORE: The orange hued trim of the living room gives way to a darker and more brown stain in the dining room. None of the trim matched in these 2 rooms so painting it white brought the 2 spaces together. I never wanted to sit in my dining room. It’s a room we use every day constantly so I really wanted to like it more. It’s still a work in progress, but painting the trim will keep me satisfied for quite some time.


AFTER: It’s like a totally new room with the trim paint! Open and airy, and much more preppy right?

FancyFreeMe Dining Trim After

But that’s not all the painting I did to this space. I also had to paint below the chair rail, the gray paint wasn’t cutting it any longer. Lightening the gray to a khaki really aided in this room’s lofty feel.

FancyFreeMe wall paint


So much better right?! It was worth every bit of extra time it took to paint below the chair rail.

FancyFreeMe Dining Trim After3

FancyFreeMe Dining After 2a

Not that I wasn’t before, but I am so sold on the power of white trim. It just opens up the possibilities of your space and design. And in my case created a calm, clean and brilliant place to live.

Trim Paint: Add on and on and on

painted window

please excuse the mess! the final pics will be nice and purdy for ya!

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel with my trim paint. I have been at this for 3 weeks now and the crazy thing is my painting list is growing, not shrinking as I go. I have decided that the paint color under my chair rail in the dining room is entirely too dark and needs to be, yep you guessed it…repainted! In addition to that, the fireplace in the living room is currently ivory and I’ve decided it too needs to be white because it just looks “off.” And while I’m at it the front door is also ivory so that’s gotta go too.

Since I’ve got all this trim paint out I may as well spruce up my stairwell balustrade too! And, yes I said and again, I want my kitchen repainted. I’m not even going to go on about the cabinets, I think I’ll save that for very distant future Elisa to deal with. But, on a happier note, I have one window completed!! The blinds are up and the drapes are too, and tomorrow the second large window’s blinds will be back up. I’ve had a bed sheet up at night for privacy and to put it politely, my neighbors probably thought we were getting ready to foreclose from the looks of things on the outside. I have taken a few nights off for party preparation and girl’s night outs, but this week I’m sticking to it! All painting all week. And then Christmas!!! I need my tree up so badly.

The Weekender: Painting, Babies & Football

I think calling last weekend busy would be an understatement. My weekend started early, my mother and I went to a local party supply store to get champagne, napkins and plates for the baby shower. Norrie was having a blast pushing the cart around, she was clearly the most adorable customer there that morning.

The rest of Friday was spent decorating for the shower on Sunday and with my little sis who came to town with her daughter for the shower.


Little Sis is the one without the head, (sorry about that!)

I love when my sis comes to town, she’s such a hoot! She brought me the cutest mini tree, since I can’t put mine up due to the painting. she’s so sweet!


I must have been really good this year because Santa sent me an elf to help paint my trim! Thanks Sara!! My lovely friend and neighbor happily helped me paint all evening long. I’m so grateful she gave up a Friday night to help beautify my home.


I feel like I’m living in a junk shop sometimes with all my furniture moved into the center of the room. But doesn’t the primer look nice?

Are you tired yet? I sure am and we’ve only finished Friday! Saturday afternoon was pretty boring on my end. The hubster took ND out to the Art Museum for a little culture.


Here she is with a 700 year old headdress from the Ming Dynasty. It’s amazing what they let you play with, or not…

I simply grocery shopped and nursed a massive headache, I think I was too busy for my brain. I made some delicious white chocolate pretzels for the shower that I forgot to photograph (which becomes a reoccurring theme for me.) Saturday night was spent playing Mexican Train with my mama and little sis. I use the term playing loosely since I didn’t do much playing. Apparently when you sit next to Mama, she plays “screw your neighbor” the whole time! Needless to say I lost…by a lot.

Sunday was the shower and it was so much fun! It’s always nice to spend an afternoon with the ladies. And it was a real treat because my husband watched ND again! So I was able to sip on champagne and converse in peace. I made so many lovely crafts for the shower from baby sock garland to a onesie banner and managed to forget to photograph it all. The only one I have is the mustache food markers…Sorry guys!


After the shower we went to a friend’s home to watch the Bengal’s play some football. But, I must admit, I was just tickled to sit and eat someone else’s food. My brain was so fried by this point I can hardly remember what she made. I want to say it was jalapeño dip, southwest spinach wraps and a squash and onion pastry of  some sort that was to-die-for! I’m not doing her spread justice because it was all so delicious, so use your imagination and insert clever names for these dishes. PHEW! That’s it! Weekend accomplished! Now back to painting trim.

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