One Room Challenge – Weeks 3 + 4

Welcome back, last week I had a lovely headcold and just couldn’t muster up the energy to post. It’s not like I’m lazy…. Okay, maybe a bit and the headcold was just a good excuse. Anyway PROGRESS pics are why you’re here so let’s get to it!


The blinds are up! I removed the decaying romans that came with the house…eh-hem…from 8 years ago, back when we bought the place. They were gross then, I haven’t a clue why I didn’t ditch them sooner. Stupidly, I ordered the incorrect size* for two of the windows, luckily they fit my daughter’s windows so good for her, she got rid of her nasty blinds too! (*seriously, always measure all of the windows in the room, don’t skip steps, even if it is your own house)

A part of me wants to add some sort of trim to the shade. I thought I’d like the peacefulness of white shades but I feel like it’s lacking. Thoughts??


I have also gotten my lamps in. I thought these guys would be great for reading and take up less space in the room. So far they are one for two. They are a bit too bright for night-time reading with the recommended wattage; I’m hoping a lower wattage will solve that glaring problem. I am loving the size of the lamps, visually they take up less room and dimensionally they do too. And did I mention they are on clearance at Pottery Barn.

I’m still working on bedding and accessories, good thing there are 2 weeks left! Now go check out what everyone else has been up to here


One Room Challenge – Week Two

Welcome back! For the past week or so I’ve been debating the overall design of the room. There are a few constants like the paint color and the bedding. It’s just the accessories that I’m getting hung up on. So I might as well show you what I’ve come up with so far.

I know I want a light bedroom, I’ve learned I enjoy living in bright rooms more than I enjoy rooms painted a color. 

FancyFreeMe - Bedroom design

The mirror situation is up for debate. I’m in LOVE with that brass beauty from west elm, but it would be nice to have full length mirror in the bedroom. I’ve also decided to go with a less is more kind of approach to the room so I’m not sure I want the visual clutter….needless to say I’m pretty sure I’m ditching the chair (sorry to all of you who love it!) to make some more space in the room. I’m all for cosy but not here, not this time. 

I’ve actually gotten the painting finished (here’s a sneak peek, don’t judge, the walls are still drying) The walls are Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and the trim is Benjamin Moore Simply White (one of my favorites, I’ve used it on the trim and in the kitchen and bathroom.) 


I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling better now that the brown walls have been ditched and those disintegrating romans are in the trash! Now just to hang the new blinds. And I think that’s all I’m going to attempt to tackle for next week. 

Don’t forget to check out the Wednesday goodness of the ORC here, and read up on other ORC Thursday guests here

One Room Challenge – Week One

ORC Guest Gold

I am so excited to be participating in Calling It Home’s Fall One Room Challenge 2015. Making over 1 room in 6 weeks is just the thing to get me moving again, not only on my home but on my blog as well. So a big thank you is going out to the lovely Linda for lighting a fire under me. 

I’ve participated one other time where I made over my stairwell. And I know a stairwell is the least fun space in your home, but mine was sick and in need of some serious help. 

This go around I’m working on my bedroom. I’ve never bought any bedroom furniture outside of a box spring and mattress. I’ve just pieced together the room with items family members no longer wanted. It’s seriously a sad space full of furniture that doesn’t speak to me and I’m embarrassed to have seen by anyone. 





Don’t even look at that last picture, avert your eyes! Save yourself from the mis-hung mirror and the tv sitting right in front of it and the rabbit ears (no we don’t have cable and yes there has to be a better solution.)

Moving on to the other defunct pieces…the pink chair belonged to my grandparents, the chests came from my sister and the bedside table came from my great-grandmother (that I’ll be keeping forever.) We’ve reached the point as a family where we have grown out of our home and plan on moving in the next year or two. So I don’t want to buy a bunch of new furniture that won’t translate to a new house (I’m a firm believer you need to buy new furniture with a new house due to scale, layout, style, etc….some things translate but not everything.) Basically I want to make the most of the space so I will love it for the next 2 years and not worry about pricy lifetime investment pieces. 

I’m hoping to…

  • paint the walls and trim to lighten and freshen the space
  • bring a headboard into the space
  • replace the ratty decaying blinds
  • incorporate new lighting
  • accessorize with pieces I enjoy looking at
  • and if I’m super on top of things…reupholster the pink chair!

Next Wednesday I’ll have my design ready for the space and hopefully some inspirational images to share with you! Now go check out what the Wednesday ORC 20 are up to and the other linking ORC participants. You won’t be short on reading material for the next 6 weeks I promise!

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