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DIY Faves + Preciously Me

Here today to round out my summer series on some of the most talented bloggers favorite diy or design is Nadia from Preciously Me.  Nadia is my favorite Parisian with quite the eye for extraordinary decor. She brings grace and whimsy to every room she designs and her diy’s are always dynamic and chic.

Preciously Me \\ What is your favorite diy or design?

Bonjour, I’m Nadia from Preciously Me and I’m really thrilled to be here with you today! Elisa is a one of the sweetest bloggers so I’m even more happy to take part of her guest posts series while she’s on holiday with her lovely family. When she asked me what was my favorite DIY or design the first one that came to my mind was one my latest project which is a girls bedroom makeover.

Bedroom Makeover fancy
The reason why this project is my favorite is first of all because I did it with my heart as this precious bedroom was for my adorable little nieces. I think that to make something for someone you love always make a project special. But this project is also one of my favorite because it was a low budget makeover and I wanted to show that you can make a very beautiful room with used furniture and some good DIY. One of my most popular DIYs on this project was my mongolian lamb stool.

Preciously Me blog : DIY mongolian stool
The surprise for me was that thanks to this little DIY my blog became popular and honestly I didn’t expected this at all! Anyway, my nieces LOVE their new stool and I’m really happy that many other people tried this easy DIY and now have their own mongolian stool.

Bedroom Makeover fancy2
Merci Elisa for having me here today! It was a real pleasure for me and I hope you really enjoy those days far away from everything …!

Thank you so much Nadia for taking part in my summer diy series. I’m in LOVE with her niece’s bedroom. It’s simply perfect from the color palette to the tiniest touches like the trim on the draperies. You can see the love she poured into the space.

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I’ll see you all on Monday for regular programing! Have a great weekend!

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