Painted Kitchen Shelf: Before + After

Recently I came to the realization that my kitchen had turned into a mini disaster zone. What was once the perfect set up from my Kitchen Facelift (here) had become a cluttered, unbearable mess. To remedy the problem I swapped out my beloved pedestal table for a shelf that could hold a toaster oven, cookbooks and miscellaneous kitchen supplies.  

If you want the entire back story with photos you can find it here. But, here is a quick reminder of what I was unfortunately working with. 


Kitchen Nook Clutter-2

Yikes! I know, it’s kinda embarrassing to show my life’s chaos. Clearly something had to be done. Up next is my solution. Ikea’s Varde shelving unit


New Kitchen Shelf-FancyFreeMe

New Kitchen Shelf 2-FancyFreeMe

Much tidier right? But, I still wasn’t happy with this solution. Short of tearing out all my cabinets and starting fresh with a design that actually works for us I decided to paint the shelf. By painting it white I was hoping to achieve a more integrated look. 

Having an all wood piece just stood out too much in my white kitchen. I love the warmth the butcher block top lends to the space, so only the legs needed some brightening. 


Painted shelf in White Kitchen \\ FancyFreeMe

Painted shelf in White Kitchen \\ FancyFreeMe

Kitchen Shelf Accessorizing \\ FancyFreeMe

And there you have it! A semi-custom kitchen shelf to hold my life’s chaos. 

The process couldn’t have been easier either. I primed the untreated wood with 1 coat of Zinsser 123 and then added 3 finish coats of Rustoleum’s Premium Latex Paint in Gloss White. *Side Note: I painted a shelf with this paint in black 5 years ago and it’s held up perfectly (it’s now in my daughter’s play room so it gets lots of wear and tear.)

I love how fresh and uncomplicated this area of my kitchen is again. What do you think of the white paint?!

++ ps: Best of the Nest is today! Stop by (here) to see some great home projects, there’s always scads! 

Pam, Lisa, Jennifer, and Kris never disappoint. 

Kitchen Changes: Shelving is In!

Last week I shared my disaster zone I like to call my kitchen here. With more people in our family now things tend to clutter up much quicker. My round table wasn’t cutting it anymore so I’ve opted to go with shelving to give me more storage room. And for crying out loud, cleaning up the clutter!


Kitchen Nook Clutter-2


New Kitchen Shelf-FancyFreeMe

New Kitchen Shelf 2-FancyFreeMe


New Kitchen Shelf 3-FancyFreeMe

The shelf fits perfectly in the space (Ikea’s  Varde shelving unit )and I love the butcher block top and the stainless steel shelves, but I feel like it’s floating out in no-man’s-land with all the unfinished wood in my white kitchen. Which is why these pics are titled After/Progress. Now that it’s in the room it’s going to be needing some white paint for a more integrated look. 

What do you think of the changes so far? And don’t forget to check back next week, hopefully this baby will have a nice makeover!

KITCHEN FACELIFT: Houston, We Have Blinds

Fancy Free Me || Blinds

I’m always overly proud of myself when I whip out the old drill and everything goes RIGHT! I got the blinds hung. On the first try I might add. Ok enough of the smugness. You can follow me on Instagram for the inside track on all my projects. Let me know, I’m happy to follow you back!


And…Tune in Friday for ALL of the Kitchen Facelift photos. I’m so excited to show you!

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