Indecision + Delay

The One Room Challenge has been over for a month now, I made over my stairwell here. And for as happy as I am with all the work I accomplished in those 6 six weeks, sadly I haven’t finished the project. For whatever reason I can’t seem to pull the trigger on a trim color for the draperies. Here is the space in case you’d like a refresher. 



My first thought was to go the greek key route, however with the giant art in the stairwell, I think doing a solid might have a bigger impact. I naturally drift towards neutrals in my own home since I change my mind so frequently. But I can only do so many neutrals before I want to pull my hair out from being bored. 

So this is what I’m thinking, 


RED! This has been a favorite Elle Decor vignette of mine for some time. Everything looks so crisp, bright and classic. And I think I can really work the red trim in the stairwell. The woman in our art is wearing red and I think it would have a classic feel with our blue/gray wall color. But I can’t help myself from wanting to play it “safe” and go with a black or navy blue like these treatments from House & Home, so I don’t tire of the draperies too soon. 



I was kinda hoping by taking the time to post on this and put everything together I’d come to a conclusion, but I’m finding myself just a lost as I was before. Maybe it’s a bit too much to think about with Christmas or maybe I’m just looking for excuses to procrastinate. 

Care to weight in with your thoughts? What do you do when you can’t make up your mind? 

Mini Makeover: Pom-Pom Trim


I’m not sure if you noticed on Wednesday I had a crib giveaway in place of my Mini Makeover series. You can still enter to win the super fab crib here. Apologies on being a couple of days late with the makeover!

I’ve been smitten with all the pom-pom trim floating around lately, so I finally ordered some and added an energetic apple green to the draperies in my daughter’s nursery.

I wasn’t sure if I should attach the trim to the front or back of the edge of the draperies. I’ve seen it done both ways.

In the end, I decided to attach it to the back so only the little poms would show. And I must say, I LOVE how they turned out!

Draperies Before:

Draperies After:




I especially love how the poms look on the draperies against the wallpapered wall. They give the room a bit more dimension.




Sewing them on was a bit tricky though, I’m not sure I had the proper foot for the sewing machine to allow the poms to pass without getting stuck. Half of my time spent sewing the trim on was dedicated to moving poms out of the way, but all in all, it was a super quick addition.

How do you feel about the pom-pom movement? Are you on board? Do you like to see the fringe sewn on the front or back or the draperies?

Have a great Monday!

*** And don’t forget to enter the crib giveaway here, it’s seriously so easy! Just leave a comment and you’re entered!

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