DIY to Try: David Stark’s Painted Fabric

how-to-paint-tablecloth-David Stark on FancyFreeMe

how-to-paint-tablecloth-David Stark on FancyFreeMe

how-to-paint-tablecloth-David Stark on FancyFreeMe

I love the idea of colorful table linens for spring and summer but buying new patterns every year can get rather pricy. David Stark, event planner extraordinaire, recently created his own colorful linens for a summer soirée and shared the DIY on Elle Decor

I instantly fell in love! It’s super easy and inexpensive and the best part is you can draw inspiration from anywhere to create the perfect pattern. Use different sized brushes for different stoke styles or even try making your own hand-blocked print and stamp the fabric. 

Layering the patterns is the perfect whimsical look for summer. I definitely plan on trying my hand at this for a festive summer tablecloth or even pillowcases for the deck. 

What DIY projects are up your sleeve for this summer?!


How To Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe

Remember that pretty little dresser I showed you on Tuesday? Well, about a day after we received the I thought “I should really protect the top of this with a piece of glass.” Well, I didn’t have a piece of glass lying around, but I did have a runner. Good enough for now I thought.
Yeah, bad idea. A week later my husband spilled some whiskey, wiped it up and went along his way. The next day I saw white spots where the whiskey had stood. I FREAKED OUT alone in private of course.

I began scouring the web for ways to remove white spots from wood. Some sounded crazy like using an iron and a damp cloth to draw out the moisture or using a mayonnaise mixture that you are supposed to leave on for a couple of hours. Everything I found had mixed reviews of success. I finally decided to try the toothpaste remedy I found here.

How To Remove White Spots From Wood Surfaces Using Toothpaste

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe


++ white toothpaste – clean cloth – wood polish, (not pictured)

++ I cleared off the surface of the dresser and wiped away any dust. I then got a clean white cotton kitchen towel and a tube of the least colorful toothpaste in our house (the remedy I found called for white toothpaste)
++ I applied a bit at a time to sections of the spots and rubbed them lightly till my finger heated up and felt warm. I then wiped down the area with a dampened corner of the clean towel and then dried the spot with the cloth and moved on to another spot.

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe
*Note: Some of the spots came back so I had to do this application a few times over. But all in all it took me maybe 30 minutes to resolve.

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe
++ Once the spots were gone I cleaned and polished the wood with wood cleaner because the toothpaste kinda dulls the surface a bit.

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe
I’m really happy with how this remedy worked and I ordered a piece of glass for the top of the dresser that same day. Lesson learned!

Have any home remedies of your own? I’d love to hear about them. 

Top 3 + Living Savvy

Here today to continue my summer series on some of the most talented bloggers favorite diy or design is Tiffany of Living Savvy. Tiffany is THE diy maven. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for the cause of fab design. And she brilliantly mixes styles, colors and patterns for the ultimate snappy chic look.

 Living Savvy \\ What is your favorite diy or design?

Hey There!  I am Tiffany from Living Savvy and I am so excited to be here.  When Elisa asked me to share my favorite DIY with you all I spent 3 days scratching my head and thinking about which one I really liked the most.  Over the last 2 1/2 years of blogging about my DIY’s and many DIY’s previous to that it was hard to pick just one… so I picked my top 3!
My largest DIY to date was our Mini Kitchen Makeover when we first moved into our new house.  We ripped out some cabinets, added the backsplash, open shelving, and the range hood.  We also added more cabinets for a wine fridge buffet and changed out the faucet.
My best thrift store find was made into my favorite piece of furniture!  I found this Mid Century Modern dresser for $50 and made into a credenza for my television.  We removed the top bank of drawers to allow for all of the cable boxes.  We then retro fitted the middle drawers to be a pull down door for our printer and other storage.  Totally functional but still keeping the style!
My Golden Leaf Striped Tray is my most creative and cost-effective project of all time!  A while ago I challenged myself to not spend any money on home decor for a month!  Use what I have and be creative!  I took a tray I already owned and spray painted stripes of aluminum foil gold.  Then I spray glued them down in a funky pattern and Mod Podged over that to seal the strips down.
I still use this tray to this day!
Thank you so much Elisa for having me today!  When you have so many DIY’s to choose from it is hard to just choose one!  I am sure in the next year all of these will change… but that is the fun of home decor and being a DIYer, it is always ever changing!  Come visit me at Living Savvy to see what new DIY’s I am up to for my house and my design clients!

Thank you Tiffany! I’m so glad you shared 3, it would have been really tough to choose just 1. To see more of Tiffany’s projects click here. She has some fab tutorials. And if you want more Savvy on the daily, click here!

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