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Before + After: Kitchen Facelift

White Kitchen || Fancy-Free-Me

Two months ago I began my Kitchen Facelift. It was a lot of work. I painted the cabinets, the walls, the doors, added hardware to the cabinets and woven blinds to the windows. Phew! Are you tired, because I know I am. I also couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome! I wanted a white kitchen and by-golly I got one.

Before we dive too far in, lets take a trip down memory lane. Here is where my kitchen started. Green walls, cream paneling, orange oak cabinets, no window treatments and a whole lota UGLY.

Before Kitchen || Fancy Free Me

I haven’t shown you this next photo. It is of the other side of my kitchen. I was always too embarrassed to show this mess. But I’ve grown a bit on this Facelift journey and I’m ready, just don’t judge too hard.

Before-Kitchen-Nook || Fancy-Free-Me

So, now that we are caught up on all the old and ugly lets move on to the bright and shiny!


My kitchen instantly felt 10x’s larger with this paint job. It’s also brighter. Remember when I was debating what color to paint the walls? Well clearly I went with white and I couldn’t be happier. It keeps everything really clean and simple, which is the opposite of what I had before, quite the welcome change!

White-Kitchen-2 || Fancy-Free-Me

White Kitchen Cabinets || Fancy-Free-Me

I am in love with the cabinet hardware. This kitchen had no hardware before I started my Facelift. It was so annoying to pull open the doors and drawers with the tips of my fingers, never mind incredibly messy.

I was literally jumping up and down in my kitchen after all the pulls were installed. I can’t tell you what a difference they have made in my life.

White-Kitchen-Nook || Fancy-Free-Me

Before my kitchen nook was super dark, I hated my kitchen and cursed the lighting on a regular basis. Since painting everything white the light reflects off every surface. My little nook is so much more welcoming. I added long door pulls on my tall cabinetry to accentuate the height of this space. They also make opening the doors a breeze.

White Kitchen Chair and Table || Fancy-Free-Me

This chair was my first DIY. I did it waaay before I began blogging. It’s my baby, my pride and joy. I found it all beat up and 2-toned at a flea market. She cleaned up pretty nice.

White Kitchen Chair || Fancy-Free-Me

You can see the other side of my kitchen in the background of this photo. It’s a galley kitchen if you were wondering.

My favorite accessories in the kitchen are these coach plates. They belonged to my grandparents, so that’s enough to make them special to me but I love how delicate clean and simple they are. They are the epitome of design for me.

I also finally got my black door. I’ve been swooning over black doors for ages and finally incorporated it into my own home.  It was a blessing in a way. We had a dilapidated screen door with a broken keeper, ripped screen, oh geez the list goes on, it was basically a tetanus shot waiting to happen! And after I painted the door black what you could see of the screen door through the glass stuck out like a sore thumb. So it came down and it should have 5 years ago.

White Kitchen Black Door || Fancy-Free-Me

I also cleaned off the paint from the escutcheon and polished the brass door knob. They look great against the black and I’m a sucker for details.

My crab bell was missing when I shot the photos, little hands like to take it off the door knob when I’m cooking. I hear it ringing all over the house and then silence…I usually find it a day or two later stuffed in a cushion.

So there you have it! One kitchen facelifted.

Now I’m off to relax this weekend! Have a good one!


I’m getting closer to having my kitchen cabinets completed. I feel like I keep saying that but if all goes as planned I should have the doors up by Monday. Fingers Crossed!

brass hardware

Last weekend I spied this pic on Tumbler. Beautiful right?! Crisp, clean with a gentle splash of color. I’m a huge fan of neutrals with interesting quirks. But if you look a little closer you’ll notice some fab hardware on the doors. It’s the same hardware I’m using in my kitchen! Click here to see my hardware post. Doesn’t it look amazing in this space. It makes me all the more excited to get this project completed.

BTW: Nancy from Powell Brower Home also used the same pulls in her laundry room here. Clearly she has great taste, and if you hop over to her blog today she has a laundry room reveal that’s been 6 weeks in the making!

**UPDATE: Erika Brechtel of Small Shop also used this same hardware here in her amazing kitchen reno, definitely look through her pics, they are amazing! Who then inspired Jen Ramos from Made By Girl to use the same hardware in her home too. The picture I have posted above from my tumbler roll is from Ramos’ home. You can see it along with more of her home here, this too is worth a click, beautiful digs!


I’ve been diligently working on my kitchen cabinets. I’ve have the cabinets painted and now I’m working on the doors. Believe it or not I’m still trying to get the grease off.

I used Dirtex on the cabinets and doors the first go-around and it only removed the grease on the cabinets. I tried it again on the doors but that sticky muck just wouldn’t budge. So I had to go with something a bit more intense. TSP (yes, I’m using proper safety measures, long sleeves, gloves, goggles…) It seems to be doing the trick, but slowly. It’s like I have to remove a layer, rinse the door, let it dry and then clean again. Are you ready for the super gross part? Some places are so thick I have to use a putty knife to scrape the grease off, sick I know! Sometimes I find myself wondering what I got myself into and other times I’m so glad to be ridding my home of years upon years of prior owner’s grease. So basically the doors are slow going but I’m seeing progress so I’m happy.

I did jump a bit ahead to give you a glimpse of what it will look like. I’ve been trying to get the drawers panted so I can put their contents back in that have been strewn about my dining room as a temporary holding place.


What do you think?! Clearly there is a drawer missing and the doors are not attached but, if you use your imagination really well you can almost see what it will look like!

The hardware pulls and knobs I ordered also came in. I swear it was better than Christmas opening that box.


I decided on brushed brass. I absolutely love them and I want them installed this moment! Sadly I’m so far from that point. I kind of surprised myself with the selection. It is completely different from what I had planned. I thought I was going to select something with more curves to it; oval knobs, a turned pull perhaps. I’m loving how crisp and modern this hardware is though. I think the sleek lines juxtaposes the brushed brass quite nicely.

So that’s what I have for you for now. I can’t tell you how ready I am mentally to move on to painting my walls!

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