Sweet Dreams

Riding-the-waves-EDC-08-13-22-lgnMy apologies for the crickets coming from my neck of the woods. It appears as though I’ve caught a little summer bug and am quite under the weather. So while I’ve been laying in bed on these fleeting summer days I’ve been dreaming up ways to rejuvenate my bedroom. I’m in love with this bedroom from a California home in Elle Decor.

Not only does it look out over the Pacific (sigh) it boasts a beautiful neutral palette and a fabulous combo of rustic charm and clean modern lines.

I’ll see you all on Tuesday, hopefully I’ll be better and you all will be stuffed with your Labor Day BBQs! Have a great Holiday! 


Design Addiction: Twinsies

I grew up sharing a room with my sisters, being the middle child I kinda got the short end of the stick when it came to privacy. I was alway bunking with someone. And I didn’t always mind, we’d stay up late talking, take cover in each other’s beds during storms and jump from bed to bed like a couple of monkeys. Ah good times! 

So you can understand why I have a special place in my heart for twin bed rooms, and lately I’ve been crushing hard-core! 

FancyFreeMe || Amelia Handegan{ amelia handegan }

FancyFreeMe || BHG{ bhg }

FancyFreeMe || LMD{ lmd }

FancyFreeMe || Anne Hepfer blue{ anne hepfer }

FancyFreeMe || Anne Hepfer orange{ anne hepfer }

FancyFreeMe || HouseBeautiful{ house beautiful }

FancyFreeMe || Domino via Apt Therapy{ domino via apt. therapy }

I would love to eventually add another bed to my daughter’s room (yes I’m planning even though she’s still in a crib), even if she doesn’t have a sister to share it with. It would come in handy for sleep overs! And seriously how adorable are twin beds?! Which one is your fave?









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