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Rocking The Exotica


HB I love my bed

In the Dec/Jan issue of House Beautiful, they featured designer, Michelle Nussbaumer’s bed (full interview here.) If you know anything about MN, you know she is no stranger to bold. Her bedroom boasts a stunning array of fabrics ranging from Schumacher’s ikat to antique saris. And I’m completely torn on how I feel about it. It’s a beautiful example of layering pattern and bold color. I just don’t know that I could fall asleep in here, and it’s not because of her furry friends, holy crap those dog paws are bigger than her head!

 This has been such a cold and sleepy winter for me I could probably use the jolt of pattern to wake me in the morning. 

What’s your bedroom MO? Bold and bright or soft and subtle?

And if you are looking for more blue and white inspiration today, hop over to The Pink Pagoda for her Blue and White Bash

A Dreamy Design

My little sis + fam are in the process of moving to a new city, buying a home  and starting new jobs. Whew! I don’t envy the process, even though it is very exciting!

Over the Easter holiday weekend we talked over potential color schemes for her bedroom to be. At the moment she’s thinking of something lofty, airy, reflective and calming. A nice place to retreat from the chaos of everyday life.

The jumping off point for the room is the bed. She is set on a light in color, tufted upholstered bed. To keep the ethereal look going, white bedding mixed with seasonal pops of color will complete the bed.

The dreamy part of the room will be the ceiling. We are thinking of painting her high vaulted ceilings a calming gray-blue. Amazing right?!

You know me I can’t resist playing dress up with homes so here is my interpretation of our weekend conversation!

FFM || MBR Board


I love the crisp clean palette with pops of color. And that little pouf! How adorable is that Jonathan Adler for JC Penny collection. My jaw about hit the floor when I heard the news-I just love him. 

What’s your dreamy bedroom retreat palette?

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