Curl Up In A Cosy Telephone Nook

Remember sitting on the floor of your room talking on the phone until the wee-hours of the night. Or picking up the phone to find out someone is already using the line? Let’s not even get into the eavesdropping that happened with the coveted mute button. 

Cozy phone nook

I can’t get this cosy nook I found on Country Living out of my head. Is there something romantic about the corded phone or am I just a nostalgic sap…

I think it’s a great use of a closet too, (I mean, who hasn’t popped into a closet to get a little privacy??) even if you don’t use a land line, it’s nice to have a comfy place to chat or peruse pinterest. 

Coat Rack DIY

Today I’m happy to show you the coat rack I built for the first floor of my home. Unfortunately for us we don’t have a coat closet on our ground floor. And now that we have four people wearing coats, things have become a bit chaotic and something needed to be done. 

My goal was to create a coat rack that integrated with the existing wood in the house. And since I wanted to make the most of the small space I opted to build it myself. 



I debated long and hard over the quality of the hardware, theoretically you won’t see them because they’ll be covered with coats. But I’m couldn’t pass up these polished brass beauties. Run of the mill hooks seem to have a pointy tip and I wanted something with more surface area so if a coat is hanging on it, it wouldn’t create a mark. And lets be honest, these look a million times nicer. 


We’ve made it through one winter so far and I think my next step will be adding a bench with some baskets stored below for hats and mittens. I just love how this fits so well into the corner of the room. Pretty enough to stand alone and functional enough to give us a place to hang our hats. 


Where’d you go Elisa?!

Soooooooooo, I thought I’d write a quick post to let y’all know I’m still around! It turns out I’ve missed a million things by taking 10 months off from blogging (yikes! I know, its been forever, this baby has kicked my butt!) My hosting site had a million updates, Google has changed how they work and a bunch of other junk is asking me to change or update things that I’m just ignoring at this point. Can’t a girl just write a simple post these days? (sheesh, I’m feeling old and unconnected, thanks technology…way to be a pal and wait for me.) 

I have been doing some things besides having amazing “girls days” every day with my daughters. I’ve managed to swap out some art for brass sconces I received over year ago for my birthday. I finally built a coat rack for my first floor, (where was I hanging my coats before?! Don’t ask, just be glad it’s there now.) I also hung drapes in my stairwell that I refurbished for the One Room Challenge eons ago. Pillows have been made here and there and I’ve been desperately trying to give my new girl her own nursery! The poor thing inherited our study and for a long while it was just a crib in the study…after finally feeling bad enough for sneaking in at night to retrieve items from the printer, while trying not to wake her, I moved all the office items out. 

I’m sharing my coat rack soon (promise!) which will hopefully inspire me to get my butt in gear and finish baby girl’s nursery before I have to turn it into a big-girl room!

Adventure Girl #2

I am so excited to get back to blogging and thank you so much to you fabulous readers who have continued to follow me on instagram and have sent happy little emails now and again checking in on me and the Adventure Girls!

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