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Get The Look: Adding A Pop Of Color Outdoors

How to Decorate your Outside with Color: Decked out in color


There’s nothing better than getting outside after a long, cold winter. And why not keep things extra cheery with a pop of color. Here are some of my favorite bright outdoor additions for any patio or deck. The paddle ball set is covered in pineapples, beyond adorable right?!


How To Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe

Remember that pretty little dresser I showed you on Tuesday? Well, about a day after we received the I thought “I should really protect the top of this with a piece of glass.” Well, I didn’t have a piece of glass lying around, but I did have a runner. Good enough for now I thought.
Yeah, bad idea. A week later my husband spilled some whiskey, wiped it up and went along his way. The next day I saw white spots where the whiskey had stood. I FREAKED OUT alone in private of course.

I began scouring the web for ways to remove white spots from wood. Some sounded crazy like using an iron and a damp cloth to draw out the moisture or using a mayonnaise mixture that you are supposed to leave on for a couple of hours. Everything I found had mixed reviews of success. I finally decided to try the toothpaste remedy I found here.

How To Remove White Spots From Wood Surfaces Using Toothpaste

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe


++ white toothpaste – clean cloth – wood polish, (not pictured)

++ I cleared off the surface of the dresser and wiped away any dust. I then got a clean white cotton kitchen towel and a tube of the least colorful toothpaste in our house (the remedy I found called for white toothpaste)
++ I applied a bit at a time to sections of the spots and rubbed them lightly till my finger heated up and felt warm. I then wiped down the area with a dampened corner of the clean towel and then dried the spot with the cloth and moved on to another spot.

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe
*Note: Some of the spots came back so I had to do this application a few times over. But all in all it took me maybe 30 minutes to resolve.

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe
++ Once the spots were gone I cleaned and polished the wood with wood cleaner because the toothpaste kinda dulls the surface a bit.

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe

How to Remove White Water Spots From Wood Surfaces \\ FancyFreeMe
I’m really happy with how this remedy worked and I ordered a piece of glass for the top of the dresser that same day. Lesson learned!

Have any home remedies of your own? I’d love to hear about them. 

Big News + Hello From M.I.A. Land

Hello friends, so it’s been a while….sorry about that!! I wish I could say I’ve been busy touring the globe but alas, these past few months I’ve barely made it out of my house. In part due to the terrible winter we’ve had here in the Midwest, more cold and snow than I care to ever have again, but here’s the biggest reason, WE ARE EXPECTING BABY #2! 


We are beyond excited, but let me just tell you, I don’t do pregnancy well. I’m not one of those glowing pregnant women smiling in fields of flowers caressing her baby bump. Most of my 24/7 spin-fest is spent hovering over toilets and sucking on preggie-pops while my poor husband listens to my seemingly endless list of foods that repulsed me most that day. 

Unfortunately not feeling well has kinda sucked all my blogging motivation away and put all home projects on hold. I’m half way through this pregnancy so I’m hoping by month 7 that I’ll be feeling better (that’s how it went with baby #1 anyway) I’ve got a few small projects I’ve been trying (more like failing) to complete that I’m hoping to share with you soon. I miss you all so terribly and I hate that I’ve been away so long. I really appreciate all the emails and messages you have sent checking up on me!

And if anyone has a cure for nausea please let me know! (although I think I’ll have to add being pregnant to the list of yucks along with roller coasters, boats and reading in the car)


*baby feet in hands on black by Christine Szeto

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