One Room Challenge – Weeks 3 + 4

Welcome back, last week I had a lovely headcold and just couldn’t muster up the energy to post. It’s not like I’m lazy…. Okay, maybe a bit and the headcold was just a good excuse. Anyway PROGRESS pics are why you’re here so let’s get to it!


The blinds are up! I removed the decaying romans that came with the house…eh-hem…from 8 years ago, back when we bought the place. They were gross then, I haven’t a clue why I didn’t ditch them sooner. Stupidly, I ordered the incorrect size* for two of the windows, luckily they fit my daughter’s windows so good for her, she got rid of her nasty blinds too! (*seriously, always measure all of the windows in the room, don’t skip steps, even if it is your own house)

A part of me wants to add some sort of trim to the shade. I thought I’d like the peacefulness of white shades but I feel like it’s lacking. Thoughts??


I have also gotten my lamps in. I thought these guys would be great for reading and take up less space in the room. So far they are one for two. They are a bit too bright for night-time reading with the recommended wattage; I’m hoping a lower wattage will solve that glaring problem. I am loving the size of the lamps, visually they take up less room and dimensionally they do too. And did I mention they are on clearance at Pottery Barn.

I’m still working on bedding and accessories, good thing there are 2 weeks left! Now go check out what everyone else has been up to here


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  • Anne says:

    Replacing blinds seems like such a little thing, but why does it feel so onerous and take so long to get around to?! I love how yours look – so clean and streamlined – so I’m hoping I can build on that inspiration to tackle my new bedroom đŸ™‚

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