One Room Challenge – Week Two

Welcome back! For the past week or so I’ve been debating the overall design of the room. There are a few constants like the paint color and the bedding. It’s just the accessories that I’m getting hung up on. So I might as well show you what I’ve come up with so far.

I know I want a light bedroom, I’ve learned I enjoy living in bright rooms more than I enjoy rooms painted a color. 

FancyFreeMe - Bedroom design

The mirror situation is up for debate. I’m in LOVE with that brass beauty from west elm, but it would be nice to have full length mirror in the bedroom. I’ve also decided to go with a less is more kind of approach to the room so I’m not sure I want the visual clutter….needless to say I’m pretty sure I’m ditching the chair (sorry to all of you who love it!) to make some more space in the room. I’m all for cosy but not here, not this time. 

I’ve actually gotten the painting finished (here’s a sneak peek, don’t judge, the walls are still drying) The walls are Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and the trim is Benjamin Moore Simply White (one of my favorites, I’ve used it on the trim and in the kitchen and bathroom.) 


I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling better now that the brown walls have been ditched and those disintegrating romans are in the trash! Now just to hang the new blinds. And I think that’s all I’m going to attempt to tackle for next week. 

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3 Responses to One Room Challenge – Week Two

  • Kelly says:

    The white paint looks beautiful! I’m working on my bedroom too, and have a very similar beige color to your before pics. Oddly enough, I also chose the Swiss Coffee, but by Behr. Haven’t painted yet except for a few spots, so I hope it turns out as nice as yours! Also, that west elm mirror is gorgeous! I just love so much of their stuff.

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