Coat Rack DIY

Today I’m happy to show you the coat rack I built for the first floor of my home. Unfortunately for us we don’t have a coat closet on our ground floor. And now that we have four people wearing coats, things have become a bit chaotic and something needed to be done. 

My goal was to create a coat rack that integrated with the existing wood in the house. And since I wanted to make the most of the small space I opted to build it myself. 



I debated long and hard over the quality of the hardware, theoretically you won’t see them because they’ll be covered with coats. But I’m couldn’t pass up these polished brass beauties. Run of the mill hooks seem to have a pointy tip and I wanted something with more surface area so if a coat is hanging on it, it wouldn’t create a mark. And lets be honest, these look a million times nicer. 


We’ve made it through one winter so far and I think my next step will be adding a bench with some baskets stored below for hats and mittens. I just love how this fits so well into the corner of the room. Pretty enough to stand alone and functional enough to give us a place to hang our hats. 


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