Kitchen Changes + ORC Kickoff

My absolute favorite blogging event begins today. What is it you ask?? Only the most fabulous interior design challenge created and hosted by Linda of Calling It Home, the One Room Challenge AKA the ORC.  20 incredibly talented bloggers with a penchant for stylish decor redesign a room in 6 weeks and share the dirty deets every Wednesday from start to finish. Click here to check it out. 

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It’s a great time to learn about what’s hot in design, along with many useful tips and diys.  And if that’s not enough design for you or you want to play along, Thursday is a linkup day where anyone can join in and take on their own 6 week challenge. 

I transformed my stairwell here, showing the process of ripping up carpet to sanding and finishing hardwood floors. The ORC is a great project motivator and being cheered on along the way helps too. This go around I’ve got a baby on the way, so I’ve decided to work on finishing all the uncompleted projects (you know the unfun ones that no one wants to do) so the ole homestead can be slightly less chaotic for new baby. 

My first project is in the place I spend most of my time. The kitchen. You may remember my Kitchen Facelift here, where I took it from dated and drab to clean and airy. I’m still  in love with the results from painting my cabinets but all of a sudden I’m lacking serious storage space. Somewhere in the last 6 months my kitchen nook has turned into a disaster zone. 

Current Conditions


Kitchen Nook Clutter-2


  1. Cook book storage, stacking half of my library on a tiny kitchen cart isn’t cutting it. I need a real shelf where the book are easily accessible. 
  2. Toaster Oven, this was specifically purchased to make my life easier. Problem is, it has no home. My toddler can easily touch it and burn herself, so I’m like a goalie in the kitchen keeping her away from it. 
  3. Table, we don’t sit here and it ends up getting covered in food making this room even more repelling. 
  4. Food outside cabinets, I can’t stand things out of place, problem is, this stuff has no place. I need to somehow get the food inside the cabinets and out of sight!


I’m thinking the best possible solution for this space is adding a shelf that will hold my cook books and keep the toaster oven high out of Miss Grabby Hand’s reach. As far as solving the food and mess outside the cabinets I’m going to remove the small appliances from the tall cabinet to make room for the food. Don’t ask me where I’m putting them yet cuz I don’t know! 

IKEA varde-shelving-unit

I think this slender Varde shelving unit from Ikea will be a great size for the space and take care of most of my problems.  Now that you know what I’m up to go check out all the outstanding bloggers of the ORC! I promise it amazing and incredibly addictive. 

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