Big News + Hello From M.I.A. Land

Hello friends, so it’s been a while….sorry about that!! I wish I could say I’ve been busy touring the globe but alas, these past few months I’ve barely made it out of my house. In part due to the terrible winter we’ve had here in the Midwest, more cold and snow than I care to ever have again, but here’s the biggest reason, WE ARE EXPECTING BABY #2! 


We are beyond excited, but let me just tell you, I don’t do pregnancy well. I’m not one of those glowing pregnant women smiling in fields of flowers caressing her baby bump. Most of my 24/7 spin-fest is spent hovering over toilets and sucking on preggie-pops while my poor husband listens to my seemingly endless list of foods that repulsed me most that day. 

Unfortunately not feeling well has kinda sucked all my blogging motivation away and put all home projects on hold. I’m half way through this pregnancy so I’m hoping by month 7 that I’ll be feeling better (that’s how it went with baby #1 anyway) I’ve got a few small projects I’ve been trying (more like failing) to complete that I’m hoping to share with you soon. I miss you all so terribly and I hate that I’ve been away so long. I really appreciate all the emails and messages you have sent checking up on me!

And if anyone has a cure for nausea please let me know! (although I think I’ll have to add being pregnant to the list of yucks along with roller coasters, boats and reading in the car)


*baby feet in hands on black by Christine Szeto

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