Indecision + Delay

The One Room Challenge has been over for a month now, I made over my stairwell here. And for as happy as I am with all the work I accomplished in those 6 six weeks, sadly I haven’t finished the project. For whatever reason I can’t seem to pull the trigger on a trim color for the draperies. Here is the space in case you’d like a refresher. 



My first thought was to go the greek key route, however with the giant art in the stairwell, I think doing a solid might have a bigger impact. I naturally drift towards neutrals in my own home since I change my mind so frequently. But I can only do so many neutrals before I want to pull my hair out from being bored. 

So this is what I’m thinking, 


RED! This has been a favorite Elle Decor vignette of mine for some time. Everything looks so crisp, bright and classic. And I think I can really work the red trim in the stairwell. The woman in our art is wearing red and I think it would have a classic feel with our blue/gray wall color. But I can’t help myself from wanting to play it “safe” and go with a black or navy blue like these treatments from House & Home, so I don’t tire of the draperies too soon. 



I was kinda hoping by taking the time to post on this and put everything together I’d come to a conclusion, but I’m finding myself just a lost as I was before. Maybe it’s a bit too much to think about with Christmas or maybe I’m just looking for excuses to procrastinate. 

Care to weight in with your thoughts? What do you do when you can’t make up your mind? 

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13 Responses to Indecision + Delay

  • Natalie says:

    At the risk of sounding cliche, remember you only live once. Go with the red, step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself a little. I bet once you pull the trigger so to speak you will be glad you went with the red. You said it yourself that you’re a bit tired of all neutrals. And hey, they are just curtains… If you end up hating them it’s a simple fix. I know those of that are so wrapped up in design can feel like these decisions are so incredibly tough (I was pulling my hair out last night over colour decisions too) but just go with your gut.
    Looking forward to seeing which colour you choose!

  • Pamela says:

    I think the red, despite appearing to be bold, will be subtle enough that it will not overwhelm. I think you will be happy with any color but as Natalie said “you only live once!”

  • Beth says:

    I stall out on projects too over the most minor details! I am all for bold but I think if you go with black it leaves your options open for some other fun accessories. Black never gets old and you can add in other pops of color, like a fun basket on the landing or more art down the road.

  • That second image has had me swooning for some time. I’d do a thicker ribbon of black just on the inside of the curtains but that’s just me playing it safe. I think red would totally work, too especially with that picture you have on the wall. And I think it’s just the holidays. I haven’t been making any home progress, either.

  • Ali Mackin says:

    Oh I think this looks great. Love the dark gray. And how ever did you reach that high with the paint. I painted a onc with both a brick wall and a high ceiling I painted both and boy will I NEVER do that again! I will pay someone next time.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  • Albertina says:

    I’m thinking dark gray!! I adore that wall color…and think a dark gray would really make the white pop!! But of course a red or navy would be sensational too. I don’t think you can go wrong.

  • Margaret says:

    I would go for the red. It will look great with your art and I agree that it is a space you just visit so do something wow!
    Have you thought of doing a detail with the solid color trim to give that Greek key or fretwork look?

  • Nancy says:

    Hi Elisa, Merry Christmas! I think you should go with red since it is so vibrant in your art and would make perfect sense there. Hey, you can sew on a trim and years later you can take it off and sew on a different trim! Where else can you use this fabulous red? That’s why ORC’s are so great, it gets it done! I need another one! Hope your holiday is wonderful and have a happy New Year! xo Nancy

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