9 Is Better Than 1

As many of you know, Pantone has released their “Color of the Year 2014″ drum roll please…. Radiant Orchid. 

FancyFreeMe // Radiant Orchid-Pantone color of the year 2014

It’s a lovely, bright and perfect for a pre-teen bedroom. But seriously, I cannot envision an instance that I would purposely put this color in my house or on my person. It’s just not my cup of tea, I’m not really a purple person. That said, clearly I was a little disappointed with the announcement. So it made me look for a color I could get excited about. I was only looking for 1 but in the process I found 9!

Farrow and Ball introduced 9 new colors in 2013 and they have me seriously rethinking every room in my house. These colors are rich moody, velvety and inviting. They contain a mix of neutrals, brights and darks. Something for everyone. 

FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball

FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball

FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball

100279_2FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball

FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball

FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball

FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball

FancyFreeMe // Farrow and Ball Yellowcake

I am still huge into gray and there is no short supply of that in this line. I’m dreaming of painting a glass front cabinet in Dimpse with the interior of the cabinet in Stiffkey Blue and popping the inside with lacquered red accessories. As you can see there are no purples in my dreams. So while the world dreams up everything from polish to lamps in Orchid, I’ll happily be coating things in these 9 moody beauties. 

Farrow and Ball 2013 colors


Are you into the Radiant Orchid? If so how do you see yourself using it?! 

** pic sources pantone, farrow and ball 

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  • comfy Cozy couture found some great rooms with the hue that I loved. It’s not a bad color I feel like it forces you to be creative if you wanted to incorporate it somehow in your home. I’m not a purple person either….but dining room in a kind of greyish purple…I have had it for like years! and everyone LOVES it and asks me what color it is. It could be an interesting color. These Farrow and Ball colors are beautiful!! Way more practical. And all are so rich!

  • I like purple, but in small doses and combined with something unexpected – like a coral orange. Farrow and Ball paint (for walls) is much more my speed, they seriously have the best palettes! I’ve tried duping a few of their colors in the past with mixed results. I don’t know what they put in their paint cans, but it makes magic on walls!

  • Ellen says:

    I find it funny that it is called “Radiant” Orchid because that purple seems a little dingy to me.
    I love Nancy’s Blushes paired with the trim color in the picture! That would have been so pretty in Lucy’s room, oh well!

  • Nancy Blushes? How about Nancy has a stomach ache after eating too much angel hair pasta, so she decides to top it off with some Pepto Bismol? I can’t actually imagine painting a room that color, I think it would just motivate me to find a new color ASAP!

    • Also, I like yellowcake, but only because it is an innocuous sounding name. And the wallpaper in the last shot is a cool idea (just pasting up pages from a book to cover a portion of the wall, but I would do the whole thing and make sure that the text was the rantings of a madman.

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