Stairwell Makeover: ORC Week 6 [ REVEAL!! ]

Welcome back! Thank you for joining me this week and for following along with my Stairwell Makeover journey. I can’t thank Linda of Calling it Home enough for creating the One Room Challenge and being kind enough to open it up to anyone crazy enough to join in. 

This week is like Christmas morning to me. I get to see so many incredible makeovers from those who participated in the Wednesday ORC [here] and the linkups from Thursday’s ORC [here]. So without further hesitation let’s get on with the show. 



Ok, lets back up for just a moment and remember where I started. It’s kinda hard to forget the lack-luster carpet that was inhabiting the stairwell before I began this 6 week quest. And those handrails, ick! They were painted the most unappealing shade of brown. 


And lets not forget about what I found underneath that lovely carpeting!












In all honesty I’m not quite finished. While I got the draperies installed and the rods hung higher (thanks hubby!), I still need to hem them and add some trim. I also need to add my toe strip around the landing and a threshold to my bedroom, all of which I’ll do update posts for, don’t worry you’ll see it completely finished! All in all, I’m thrilled with the amount of work I was able to accomplish in 6 weeks. 

Thank you so much for all the support and amazing comments! They kept me going through all the sanding, staining and painting. Please hop over and see what my fellow participants have to show off [here] and if you want to see this from the beginning, go [here]

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