Stairwell Makeover: ORC Week 2

I have officially survived my first week of the ORC linkup challenge! You may remember last week I declared my stairwell “makeover worthy” (here) and shared many lovely pictures, like this hot mess below. 

One week later and I have all the carpet up. I know what you are thinking…it took you a week to tear out carpet??!! Yes it did. I could only do it at night when my toddler was sleeping. She is way too curious to stay put when someone is making a ruckus, and I didn’t want her stepping on a nail or wafting in the million year old dust flying around.

Here is what I found underneath the nasty carpet! I like to call them my Halloween Stairs. They are super dirty and a bit scary, perfect for this time of year!

I found that the floors are in stable condition. I will definitely have to sand, stain and seal them. Unfortunately I’m not as lucky as I was when I removed the carpet on my first floor. Those floors only needed a new coat of varnish. 

You can see where the treads are stained from the runner that was there who-knows how long ago.Week2-Stairwell-without-carpet-FancyFreeME

I will also need to add some toe strip around the landing and figure out something for the threshold into our bedroom, because unfortunately, that carpet isn’t coming up yet. there is some seriously ugly green tile under there. 





I’ll probably spend the weekend pulling out more rusty staples and scraping carpet remnants off the base board. And then i’ll get to the sanding…I guess I can only put it off for so long.

Thanks for visiting! Come back next week to see what kind of progress I’m making. And if you’re looking for more projects to gawk at, check out Linda’s ORC linkup (here) or the actual ORC (here)

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