Bathroom REVEAL!! { White Room Rally }



Here we go guys! Welcome to my new b + w bathroom! I can’t begin to tell you how much I am loving this space. When I first started I knew I wanted a white bathroom and I didn’t want to do an entire reno. My compromise was to paint, accessorize and to replace fixtures like lights and faucets with chrome to coordinate with existing chrome fixtures for a more cohesive feel.

This is my one and only bathroom, yikes! So I wanted it to be bright, welcoming and clean.

Because counter space is an issue I added a small side table to hold bits and pieces I don’t want falling down the drain.





I also added a basket to the back of my toilet for an additional resting spot for things like glasses, tissues, and usually a pile of hair-bands. I really don’t know why I didn’t add one of these sooner.



The faucet was replaced with one with a higher neck. We had to cram our hands into the wall of the sink to wash them, so it was a real no brainer when it came time to replace it.


I painted the vanity white instead of replacing it which, if I could do again, I’d replace it. I think the paint looks fabulous and overall it’s a great improvement, so it’s a keeper for now. I think a new one would have looked phenomenal, but you gotta draw the line somewhere right?


I did replace the medicine cabinet unexpectedly and i love the simple frameless look of the mirror. Not to mention all the mirrors on the inside and the glass shelving.

Medicine Cabinet || FancyFreeMe


I debated long and hard on replacing the light fixture and in the end I decided to do it. The one we had up was not my taste and it was brushed nickel. By adding a light fixture with chrome completely unified the space. And I don’t have to look at that ugly off-center monstrosity anymore.



And just to remind you where I started, here’s a side by side before and after shot.

White-Room-Rally-web-versionIf you’ve been following along you know Jennifer from Brave New Home has her White Bathroom Reveal today too! I’m super excited to see how she wrapped everything up, so I hope you’ll join me and check out her bathroom here.

BNH Reveal

If you missed any posts along the way and want to catch up on my progress or just want to torture yourself with before photos you can find links here. I’ll have a source list up later on this week.

Bathroom Before Photos

Bathroom Design Board

Painting Progress

Vanity Light Selections

Accessorizing the Bathroom

New Medicine Cabinet

So what do you think?! I’m still spinning, the electrician literally just left. But I do believe I’m thrilled!

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