White Room Rally: Bathroom Facelift Painting Progress


This week in our White Room Rally I tackled the task of painting the walls, the vanity and the medicine cabinet. It’s aways such a relief for me to get that first coat of paint on the walls. It’s like an instant transformation and you can just feel that things are getting better!

FancyFreeMe \\ Bathroom-Primed-Vanity

I had some left over cabinet paint from the Kitchen Facelift, so I just used that same paint for the bathroom vanity. And 1 cabinet compared to a kitchen full of cabinets is a dream job! I was cheerful while I painted because I knew this was the only one that I had to do! Clearly I’m not ready for painting more cabinets anytime soon. 

Last week when I showed my bathroom design board I didn’t have a medicine cabinet listed. I had no intention of replacing my current cabinet. Sure the hardware needed to be replaced and it could use a paint job, but the size was right for the space and I couldn’t find anything reasonable to replace it with. Randomly I walked through Lowes and of course when you aren’t looking, the perfect thing just leaps out in front of you. So, yes, I did end up buying a replacement cabinet.

FancyFreeMe \\ Bathroom-No-Medicine-Cabinet


FancyFreeMe \\ Bathroom-Painted-walls-and-vanity


With everything painted, the walls and vanity. My lovely father came over to help with the dirty work. He’s just too darn good at this stuff, I had to call him! I’m not too handy with a drill, or a saw for that matter (but that finger sawing story is for another day.)

In no time at all he had that new medicine cabinet hanging in all its glory!

FancyFreeMe \\ Bathroom-New-MedCabinet


FancyFreMe \\ Bathroom-New-Medicine-Cabinet


I really wanted to add some decorative touches to my old medicine cabinet, like new storage containers (ones not made from old gum boxes) and floral paper to the inside back of the cabinet. I had plans Man! But I really do love the new cabinet. It has some pretty cool features, I’ll share some pics next week once it’s all set up. I should also be getting the new shower curtain and rug delivered!!

Meanwhile Jennifer has been busy painting too! Remember that green? Well, it’s all gone now and she has the cutest art up, I just had to share! Click here to see more of her progress.

black and white photo grouping with antlers

Honesty the all white room is taking some time to get used to. I was just sharing with Jennifer that I don’t think I’ve ever done such clean design for myself. I was kinda shocked at first by all the white. But, I’m coming around to it. I love how bright it is, I just need to perfect the accessories. But, I’ll save that for next week!

Do you have any all white rooms? Love em or hate em? Let me know!

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