Borrowing from the Best: Consoles

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Console tables are one of my favorite pieces of furniture. They are versatile to design with and easy to move around. You can put them on a wall, on the back of a sofa, use them as decoration or as a make shift desk. Are you seeing why I like them so much?! The possibilities are endless. Honestly, I’d fill my house with them if it wouldn’t make me “that crazy console lady.”

Thad Hayes is an amazing interior designer. His talent has been recognized in books, print and in magazines. Recently I spied one of his designs which appeared in the Sept/Oct issue of Veranda that really caught my eye. He used 2 console tables to fill out a long paneled wall. For me and my console-loving self, this is genius. It’s also so ridiculously simple I can’t believe I’ve not thought of this before. I had a similar kick me moment while reading Kim’s blog yesterday and seeing a cocktail assembled from 3 garden stools and a piece of glass. 

I always love a good design idea! Seen any lately?

**pic: Thad Hayes, Veranda, Sept/Oct, 2013


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