She Sells Sea Shells

By now we are all back from our summer vacations. For a lot of us that means an abundance of sea shells that have been collected from the sunny shores we visited. I am totally guilty of this, you see a shell just laying there and it’s so darn pretty that you pick it up and before you know it you’ve amassed a suitcase full. But that’s not the worst part! The worst part is that you already have 3 suitcases full from past vacations sitting in your basement waiting to be crafted into something brilliant and beautiful.

So in honor of those die-hard collectors, you know who you are, here’s a round-up of ways you can actually use your new found treasures.

Sea Shell Mirror

I’m kinda obsessed with this mirror. It would be a major labor of love to glue all those shells but if you do it right, it looks killer. *i don’t have a source for this guy, if anyone has seen it around please let me know!

Sea Shell SpoonsSweet Paul Magazine shared this diy for Sea Shell Spoons and I think it’s absolutely adorable! What a fun way to show off your collection.

Sea OrnamentOrnaments are a great use of shells and it’s a quite easy diy to undertake. Just get yourself a round ornament, sea shells and a glue gun. Presto-Chango! You got yourself a beachy memory for your tree. Bower Power used all the same color here, but I think it would be cool with a mixture too.

sea shell wreathYou could go about a sea shell wreath a couple of different ways. For the true-blue crafters you could assemble from scratch, I love the mixture of botanicals and shells. It really softens the look of the shells. You could also buy a wreath already made and just embellish it with your shells.

Macrame ShellsI absolutely love this macramé shell hanging. It’s an updated version of the wind chime. I love the earthy driftwood and twine.

Framed Shells

Framing shells is another great option. I love organized collections, they look like they could be displayed in a museum. I like that they are ordered by size, and mounted on a piece of linen. It brings the natural beachy feel through and it doesn’t compete with the shells. If you have several different types of shells, try grouping them together and adding labels or numbers.

shell collection


Now, go forth and be inspired! I hope you make some beautiful things with your shells, and if you do, send me a pic. I’d love to see what you do!

Which is your favorite display? You already know I’m partial to the shell covered mirror, but I wouldn’t mind having a macrame piece for my deck.






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