White Room Rally: Bathroom Facelift Design


Last Thursday Jennifer, from Brave New Home and I introduced our White Room Bathroom Makeovers. And just to give you a quick reminder of what’s going on, here’s a little recap. We both have bathrooms that are in need of some love and we both have similar design visions for these bathrooms. So we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to work on these rooms together, share our progress and cheer each other on.

This week we’re talking design and we’ve put together some great design boards to show our visions.ย FancyFreeMe b+w Bathroom BoardI’d really like to clean up the look of my bathroom by using a fresh black and white palette, while layering in some warmer neutrals like tan. ย For the most part I’m keeping what fixtures are already in the bathroom like the vanity and the medicine cabinet and the floor and wall tile. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll have to

  1. Paint the walls white. I plan on using the same white from my kitchen (Benjamin Moore, simply white) it’s just such a good shade.ย 
  2. Paint the vanity white. After painting all the cabinets in my kitchen, I’m going to be able to paint one dinky bathroom cabinet in my sleep!
  3. Change the shower curtain to something with cleaner lines. I really like crisp simplicity of this Pottery Barn shower curtain.
  4. I’ve never had art in our bathroom. I’ve always been concerned with all the moisture from the steam of the shower ruining anything we put in there. Well, after 5 years I’m mighty sick of not having art and I absolutely LOVE this Cincinnati map, (they have other cities too).
  5. I’m pretty smitten with turkish towels as of late. West Elm had a sale on some not too long ago and I managed to snag a pair for $7 with free shipping!
  6. I also want to replace my tired bath towels with some fluffy new white towels. I’m pretty certain I’m going with these Ralph Lauren lovelies.
  7. A new faucet is a must in here! Our current one is squattie and difficult to use. I’d like to install one with a higher neck so we won’t have to cram our hands into the walls of the sink to wash them.
  8. By now you know about my love affair with Dash and Albert rugs, so adding one of them is a no brainer in there. I’m totally in love with their new two-tone rope hand-woven rugs. And they are indoor/outdoor which is perfect for our bathroom.
  9. As far as accessories go, I’m thinking a woven waste can will do the trick in there and it would be great to incorporate another seat, besides the toilet for holding fresh clothes. And no bathroom would be complete without a Diptyque fig candle.

Jennifer was kind enough to share a sneak peek of her design with me and I thought you may enjoy a little preview too.

Brave New Home design board

To see the board in it’s entirety and for sources head on over to Brave New Home and see for yourself! I’ll tell you right now we’ve got the same obsession with turkish towels and baskets.ย 



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