Wanted: White Bathroom

When we moved into our house we painted each room and ripped up the carpet on the first floor. That was really the extent of our personalization. Lately I’ve had the itch to do more, hence my kitchen redo (here.) I don’t want to put a lot of money into our house because it isn’t our “forever” home. However, we will probably be here for a few more years until we fully out grow the space. My bathroom has been on the radar lately for a facelift.bathroomScary, right?! The lighting is horrendous, the medicine cabinet’s door won’t close anymore, the vanity is that cheep nasty oak and the sink is pitted and stained. The faucet is too small, so I’m always cramming my hands against the sink wall to wash.

bathroom-sinkThere isn’t a thing in here I like except the floor. It has some cracks but they don’t bother me as much as everything else.

bathroom-floorWhen we moved in there weren’t even towel bars, so we installed a train rack and a double towel bar on the opposing wall. I would like to add a tray to the top of the train rack with pretty vessels for storing cotton balls and the like. And some new fluffy white towels.


I know I don’t want to do a full reno, even though this bath totally needs it. But, I’m torn on whether I should…

  • Paint the vanity
  • Fix the cabinet door
  • Replace the shower curtain
  • Paint the walls white


  • Replace the vanity
  • Replace the faucet
  • Replace the medicine cabinet
  • Replace the lighting
  • Replace the shower curtain
  • Paint the walls white

This is our only bathroom, so it gets used a lot. I would love for it to look nicer. So, tell me, what do you think? Do you think I can get by with just painting and fixing things myself or should I do a mini reno and replace some of the things I hate the most? 

** You can find these top two photos on my pinterest bathroom board (here)


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9 Responses to Wanted: White Bathroom

  • Ali Mackin says:

    I think replacing the sink/vanity would definitely help. Also consider painting the walls a light gray. Gray and white and that shower curtain could look nice.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  • Jennifer says:

    Lol, you know what I did this weekend? Painted my bathroom white! I’m in the EXACT same position as you (although I think if I had your bathroom it might be an upgrade for me :P)—we don’t want a full reno but I don’t know how far into it I want to go either. I want to paint our vanity but at the same time I don’t want to cause the wood already matches the other wood in our home. My vote is to paint the walls white and fix the medicine cabinet for starters and reassess from there : ] I also think a new faucet would do wonders! I think next to pillows and rugs, shower curtains are one of the funnest home accessories to shop for!

  • Angie says:

    Paint, paint, paint, paint! I’m definitely on the pro painting bus! It’s amazing what kind of transformation paint can do to a room. And it’s relatively cheap and easy!

  • I’m a big fan of reutilizing what you already have, but I’d go for a mini reno on this one. Some of the main issues you dislike can’t be replaced with paint alone (like size and quality), and I think you’ll be more satisfied with the outcome. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Fix the medi cab, hang new shower curtains thenI would say everything besides the vanity first. Then you can decided to paint the vanity or replace. Is it possible to paint the vanity and replace just the facet? I think you could probably just paint what you have and update with paint! Good luck! It will look great in all white!

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