Mini Makeover:: Desk Organizer

Welcome to the first mini makeover for June! Every Wednesday in June I’ll have a fun mini makeover or diy to show you in honor of the lovely month of June.


I wanted to start organizing my study desk because it’s always in chaos. It is merely a table so I was looking for something to organize loose papers, pens, rogue magazines and notepads. I remembered a stuffed away Ikea organizer I used back in my college days. It wasn’t anything special, just unfinished wood, classic ikea.



It was even still sporting a “save the whales” sticker from my study abroad in Chile. While it works perfectly, it doesn’t quite live up to my design standards. So why not paint it?! Heck I’m painting everything else, like my kitchen and my bar cart, why not paint some more?



With a little paint but a lot of coats my little desk organizer is looking much better! I hardly recognize her dressed in white.





How To Breakdown:

  1. Remove the sticker, luckily mine just peeled off
  2. Sand entire surface, especially where the sticker was to smooth out wood and remove any dirt.
  3. Use a tack cloth to remove sanding dust.
  4. Prime the bare wood. I used Zinsser 123 primer.
  5. Lightly sand primer for a smooth base coat.
  6. Paint white (Sherwin Williams, polar white), 3 coats (I sanded in between coats to cut down on brush strokes.)
  7. Tape off areas to be contrast painted, Paint coral (Valspar, coral) area 3 coats.
  8. Measure and tape off top. Fill in with gold paint. (I used Prismacolors Metalic Gold Paint pen,) 2 coats.

I love how this turned out! I was changing the design concept with every coat of paint I added. I really didn’t know how it was going to end up until it was finished. I’m a HUGE planner so that kind of artistic freedom is scarce around me. But it was a lot of fun to work in a different way.

Do you ever deviate from the plans or do you just do as you go?

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