Before + After: Bar Cart Reveal


Thank you to everyone who weighed in with an opinion on refurbishing my cart! I am thrilled with how it turned out. Check out my before post here. Most of you who left comments were pushing for a 2tone look or incorporating brass some how to link up with my kitchen hardware. I decided on the 2tone with white and brass. I have a small kitchen so I wanted to keep things as tame and cohesive as possible without being a bore. I love how the cart kinda melts into the background but still has a very custom look.

Before + After

It might not seem like that big of a change with the before and after pics but in person there is a huge difference. The trays had been painted a lovely shade of 70’s yellow and the chrome legs were spotted  with paint and rust. I wanted an updated and clean look for my newly painted kitchen, (you can read about that post here) not necessarily a drastic change. I’m rather subtle with color in my own home.






How To Details:

  1. Take the cart apart to paint the legs and trays.
  2. Wash and dry all parts.
  3. Sand any rough patches, uneven paint or brushstrokes.
  4. Prime unpainted metal with a spray primer.
  5. Spray legs and tray. **I learned with spray paint it’s best to use the same brand primer and paint for best results.
  6. Spray tray with protective clear coat for extra strength.

Thank you again for all your great suggestions. I love hearing from you bright brilliant folks! So now that it’s complete what do you think?!

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