Project Looming :: A Cart Makeover


Ever since my Kitchen Facelift completion (here) I’ve not been working on too many projects. And while I’m not quite ready to take on any big projects, I am ready to spiff up some small ones.

Meet my kitchen cart. He belonged to my grandparents, I’m pretty sure they used him in the laundry room for misc. shelving. He now resides in my kitchen, my nicely painted kitchen; needless to say his roughed up paint job sticks out like a sore thumb.

I’ve been eyeing this cart makeover from A Beautiful Mess. The brass and black is a great combo. I can’t decided if I quite like the 2tone or not for my kitchen. Maybe brass and white would be more fitting for my space.

FancyFreeMe Black and Brass Cart

I’m also a fan of the all-over color used on this blue cart from Man Made. I don’t think I’ll go blue since there isn’t an ounce of blue in the room. I kept everything really neutral so most likely I’d paint it black or white. I do like how it pops against the white wall.

FancyFreeMe blue cart

I found this all white guy on Little Victorian. I like the idea of all white, it’s simplistic and clean, but I’m not sure he’s quite what I had in mind either.

FancyFreeMe White Cart

So, I’m turning to you guys. I’d like you to weigh in on what you think. Do you like the 2tone? Should I incorporate some brass colored paint? I’m pretty sure I won’t be going with a bold color since I don’t really have any in my kitchen. What would you do? I’d love to hear!

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