Fun with Flower Pots

Fancy Free Me Flower PotsLast week a lovely friend of mine gave me some itty-bitty basil plants that she had started from seed. They were transported in mini dixi cups, the size that you usually see in a bathroom. I knew they wouldn’t stay in there for long and I just happened to have a few small terracotta pots lying around that they’d fit in perfectly. But I couldn’t just let the pots well enough alone, no I had to go and paint them.

Fancy Free Me white pots



Fancy Free Me Tape Off Pattern


Fancy-Free-Me Painted Pots-stripes and dotsl


FancyFreeMe Enjoy


++  To make the polka dots I used a fresh eraser on the end of a pencil-it worked like a charm!

++  For another mini flower pot craft, check out Kristen of Just a Girl and Her Little Dog. She did the cutest succulent gift post and added pea gravel to the top of the planter for that stone garden feel. A look that I will definitely be incorporating into some of my pots this season.

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