KITCHEN FACELIFT: Painting Progress

Soooo, I’ve made some serious progress in the kitchen. The cabinets are painted and the doors are up! Most of the hardware is on, I still have to get the drawer knobs on.  And just to remind you of how far I’ve come and how far I’ve yet to go this first pic is a before shot of the space.

FancyFreeMe Kitchen


Say goodbye to the ugly oak! And hello to crisp clean white!

white cabinets

Knobs still need to be installed on the drawers.






I even like my granite now. I always thought it was dark and cloudy. I love how the white cabinets bring out the light portions of  the stone. I think the brass knobs really pull everything together.



The wainscoting still needs to be painted from cream to white and the green walls need to be painted as well. The backdoor will be getting a coat of black paint and woven blinds will adorn the windows.

For a painting how-to click here and here.

Have a good Easter weekend!

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