Norrie’s Nursery + Apartment Therapy

Earlier this week Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite sites for peering into other’s homes, featured my daughter’s nursery. You should check out the story here. Meanwhile this made me realize that I never showed any photos of her space here on the blog!

Nursery on Apartment Therapy

So I wanted to show you some photos of the space along with a few that aren’t on Apartment Therapy. But, for the entire story of why we did what we did you’ll have to hop over to Apartment Therapy, there you will also find a list of the products and paints we used for her nursery.

Here is an overall of her nursery. I lived in that chair for the first 8 months of her life. Best purchase ever.


One of my favorite things about designing Norrie’s nursery was incorporating old and new items for the space. Norrie’s great-great grandmother’s vanity is acting as a changing table, not the most glamorous life it’s seen but I don’t think Nan would have minded one bit! The poms on the wall are repurposed 1st birthday decorations, I thought they were too sweet to toss out.


Meet Monty, Norrie’s favorite Bunny pal. She calls him Monty because she can’t pronounce “bunny” it’s just about the cutest thing you’ll ever hear!


The vanity’s knobs are originally wooden. I wanted to change things up a bit and add another material to the piece so I switched them out with these porcelain knobs from Anthropologie. I’m a big fan of the black-white-gold scheme and I love how the flowers on the knobs reflect the carved flower blocks on the drawers.


Here’s my little shadow quietly reading her books as I’m photographing her room.


Her crib stands in front of a wall that my father so kindly papered for her. I’m secretly jealous she has wallpaper in her bedroom and I don’t.


Bryan and I made her a mobile of paper cranes to fly over her crib. I chose cranes because the first thing Bryan ever gave me was a paper crane. I still have it and I wanted it to be one of the first things he made for her too. I love that they are in a flock together. It’s one of the first things Norrie says hello to in the morning when we take her out of her crib.


Please go and check out Norrie’s Nursery on Apartment Therapy! Let me know if you have any questions on the space. I’m happy to answer! And thank you to Apartment Therapy for featuring her nursery!

Kitchen Update:

I’ve got 2 coats of paint on the cabinets and 0 on the doors. I’m fairly confident it will take 3 coats if not 4 to cover. So far I’m pleased but I’m finding myself looking ahead to painting the rest of the kitchen and the task seems rather daunting. However, I do have a spa break on Saturday to sooth my brittle painter hands!

Have a good weekend I hope you get a chance to relax too! And if you feel like telling me what you’re getting into, I’d love to hear!

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