Quick Recap: I’m in the planning phase of giving my kitchen a facelift. My top priority at this moment is to nail down a paint color.

I’ve always been drawn to white kitchens and I know in my last facelift post I shouted from the rooftops “I love white kitchens!!” They are clean, inviting, open and airy. But, on the other hand they can feel boring sterile and ubiquitous. Little things have been popping up around me begging me to rethink my white kitchen plan. Not necessarily abort my mission but just shop around before I, you know, commit.

This all started last Sunday, my father and I were talking about my little pet-project and he suggested black cabinetry. To which I completely dismissed, I had my heart set on white after all! At the time I felt a dark color would overwhelm my small space and give it a rather closed-in feeling. And then I saw Bailey McCarthy from Peppermint Bliss’s kitchen.

green kitchen fancyfreeme


GASP! Amazing Right?! That dark green high gloss cabinetry looks magnificent and so seductive. That kitchen is all grown up with a sophisticated kind of glam. She shows before and after photos on her blog here and you can see the spread of her entire home in this months issue of Matchbook here.

So now I’m thinking, am I missing out on something more by dismissing everything but white paint??

And just to confuse myself further I found more colorful stunners.

orange kitchen


blue kitchen



gray kitchen

unknown source

Pink kitchen

unknown source

black kitchenvia

yellow kitchen


charcoal kitchen


red kitchenvia

What do you think? Are you as confused as I am?! I think my favorite might be the…um…er…do I have to pick?!

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6 Responses to KITCHEN FACELIFT: Second Thoughts

  • Olivia says:

    I love all of these kitchens! Color is so fun. But to be honest, I am a sucker for white. It’s so classic and pretty! and you can incorporate color with the accessories and little details. Also I just get sick of things very quickly – so I would be scared to go too bold with a kitchen. BUT then again, I’m a scared-y cat and you are probably much braver than me! Good luck 🙂 xo

    • Elisa says:

      Thank you for your opinion! I too get tired of things quickly and I don’t think my husband would be too happy if i decided to paint again in a year 😉

  • Ellen says:

    I am torn between the slate gray from traditional home and the orangefrom house to home. If you can’t make a choice what about different color uppers and lowers?

  • I LOVE all of these ideas! We are going to be repainting our kitchen in the Spring. Right now, it is a light/yellowy green. The theme in my kitchen is Irish stuff. I’m SO SICK of the green and don’t know what color to go with to be able to continue to use the green/Irish stuff in there. I LOVE the slate gray! How do you think that would work???

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