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If there is one person on this planet I could choose to apply my makeup on a daily basis, It would be Bobbi Brown. I’m a huge fan of her natural, radiant looks. She has a way of highlighting your best features to bring out your natural warmth with a hint of glitz. I love her newest book, Pretty Powerful. It’s all about getting pretty looks, being comfortable with yourself and being who you are. It in she breaks down 6 different look groups, natural, radiant, strong, classic, authentic and bold. She then details how to apply makeup for day and night for each group.

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Each group has before and after shots of some of the most relaxed and beautiful women I’ve ever seen in a makeup book. The photographs are truly inspiring, so much so that I’m changing how I apply my makeup.

bobbi brown before and after

bobbi brown before and after2

You can also shop these women’s looks here.

All you have to do is find the look you like and click on it. Couldn’t be easier!

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images via bobbi brown // pretty powerful

One of my favorite tips from the book:

Lipstick and I have never gotten along. I don’t wear it because the colors I buy never look good on me. I was lost until I read Brown’s lip tips, “Use the natural coloring of your lips as a guide when choosing your everyday lipstick shade. The most flattering color will either match or be slightly darker than your lips. This will be your perfect nude lipcolor.” I tried it and it worked! I’ve been wearing lipstick for 2 weeks now and I feel so much more polished and complete.

Bottom line:

If there is an area in which you are uncomfortable with makeup or just want to get some different ideas I highly recommend this book. There is something for everyone and every look. Don’t get stuck in a makeup rut! Learn how to switch things up to look and feel your best!

If you could choose, who would you want to do your makeup?

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