Hellocotton + Thank You

I have some exciting news to share with you today. My hug+kiss garland is featured on Hellocotton’s front page!! So you should definitely go and check them out today. You’ll find loads of interesting things to read while you are there checking me out!

hellocotton feature ffm

If you find yourself saying what is Hellocotton here’s the lowdown. Hellocotton is a sharing site, it allows you to follow, connect, comment and share with the most talented women bloggers. They started in 2008 in Paris to help women connect and display what they write. They now have more than 3 million individual users. Needless to say this morning when I woke up and noticed my hug+kiss garland featured front and center I ran upstairs to show Bryan! Pinch me! It was a very good feeling. I’m also listed as #1 in the Up & Coming panel!

Thanks guys for letting me stand on my soapbox for a bit! Love ya xx

Thank you Hellocotton for noticing me and giving me a spotlight! It’s always fun to shine for a bit!

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