DIY: Hug+Kiss Garland

Hey guys! There’s only 10 days left until Valentines Day, so if you are a last minute crafter (like myself) I’ve got a great project for you! XOXO Garland. It’s cute enough to hug and kiss! I was first inspired by a post I read on Total Basset Case, Sarah always comes up with super cute ideas. When I saw this xoxo garland I just had to try my hand at it. I love it on my newly painted fireplace here.

hug + kiss garland | fancy free me

What you’ll need:

Felt for the x’s o’s and hearts

Thin Cardboard to make x o and heart templates

Scissors to cut out the x’s o’s and hearts

Marker to trace your cardboard x o and heart template

Ribbon to tie your garland up with

Start out by making your cardboard templates, I used house-hold materials to make my o (note* the thicker the o and x the more sturdy the garland will be) My o’s might be on the thin side, but they still work. For my x I just drew it in pencil until I liked the way it looked, same with the heart. I did have guidelines on my cardboard so my x o and heart were all the same height 2¾’’.

FFM making o

Cut out the cardboard templates pretty self explanatory right??

FFM templates

Trace your x’s o’s and hearts onto the felt, I used a marker and it worked like a dream. For my garland I cut out 7 x’s 7 o’s and 21 hearts. (I just couldn’t pass up on that sparkly felt!)

FFM felt

FFM trace

Put on your favorite tv show and cut out all of your x’s o’s and hearts!

FFM cut out

After they are all cut out, layout a pattern for your garland. I choose heart-heart-heart-x-o-repeat (starting and ending with hearts.)

FFM pattern

Sew your x’s o’s and hearts together, I opted for a sewing machine but you could always do it by hand. (note* I didn’t sew through the center of the o’s, I just stopped and started the stitch on either side.) Sew the ribbon on the ends so you have something to hang it with.

I borrowed Big Sis’s machine and it went kaput on me, so I had to finish it by hand, it wasn’t too bad. 


 FancyFreeMe xoxo garland1

FancyFreeMe xoxo garland3

I hope you decorate your whole house in x’s + o’s!! I hung our garland during Norrie’s nap, when she woke up and saw the mantel she was so excited. I just knew she was a girl after my own heart!! My little decorista!

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