Today I’ve been doing a lot of kitchen thinking and planning. Step 1: Select a painting process, manufacturer and quantities needed. I’m 99.99% sure I’ve figured this step out, Hallelujah! I’ve even ordered some paint samples, I’m so excited for them to get here. (seriously they’re white, how excited can one be?? Don’t judge.) But I just couldn’t help thinking that I missed something… Remember my black door post here. I think my back door could use a coat of black paint! I’m very excited about this prospect, considering I’ve been coveting the look for quite some time.

I considered red for a hot second but who am I kidding! I’m a neutrals girl at heart and I have no red doors pinned or bookmarked to my millions of black doors. There’s just something about the drama and class created by black. And just to get you all as excited as I am, I’ve included some lovely white kitchens with fab black doors!



I only have a zillion other decisions to make-ok that may be a teensy exaggeration. Mainly just a wall paint color, cabinet hardware, window treatments, and a runner, oh! I almost forgot, I think I’d like to incorporate chalkboard paint somehow too! And don’t worry, I’ll share the cabinet painting process and brand I’ve selected once I’ve actually placed the order.

What do you think of the black door idea? Drab or Fab?

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