Piles of Style

As you all know we had a little birthday party for my daughter this weekend, and as it turns out, we have quite the party animal on our hands. She went long and strong through the entire thing! It was a very successful 1st birthday party. I am in the midst of collecting and processing all the images from the day. I hope to have a post on it sometime this week so you all can see how my little crafting marathon turned out.

My dear, sweet mother came over early on Saturday and helped us set up for the party. That extra pair of hands made it feel like there were 2 of me that day! And while we (hubster, mama and me) were making all the last minute adjustments, my husband asked if he could put my magazine pile in the basement. My mother and I just stopped, and before I could say anything mama said “that is a style statement, ladies love their magazine stacks!” To which I quickly agreed. Way to speak up for me mama! But, Bryan didn’t get it, he said they were garbage. Being the sweet man he is, he let me keep my “garbage” magazine stack and didn’t say another word about it.

Now keep in mind when I say magazine stack, they are all neatly arranged on my elephant plant stand, next to my favorite side chair that’s equipped with a throw and down-toss-pillow for ultimate reading comfort. It’s very reminiscent of these…

1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .. 5 

Weigh in! What do you think of decorative piles of magazines? Are they garbage or a great design statement?

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3 Responses to Piles of Style

  • jessica ballman says:

    I have never thought about this for magazines. I actually am like your husband and I throw them out. I will have to start keeping them though! I love them as a table for little lamps.

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