Punkin Chunkin Dreams

My life long dream of Punkin Chukin came true this weekend,  on a very small-scale that is. 

This is how the big-guys do it up in Delaware. You can check out  the official Punkin Chunkers here if you want to learn more. Click here to see some flickr pics. 

The launchers at The Gorman Heritage Farm’s Sunflower Festival were much smaller, but a blast for a novice like myself to sling.

Hold the baby honey, mama’s gotta take care of some business.

Did you see the air on that pumpkin?! Ok, ok, that one wasn’t mine, I think it was my dad’s but mine was equally as impressive, to me anyway.

Speaking of impressed, my big sis stood in front of my hubster with a loaded launcher to snag this shot. She wasn’t harmed in the shooting of this footage.

Here she is with her daughter. See that fence behind them? That’s where they landed after they fired their shot; scared the poor little girl but she got up and did it again, bless her heart.

Ok, enough with my life long dream, there are so many other things to see and do. Like Rope cattle!

Just kidding, not this kind,

The humane kind built from wood. Trust me, it’s still hard…

Stop and pose for some pics, we make such a lovely family don’t we!

Don’t forget the reason we came! The Sunflowers!!

They had a field of Sunflowers, it was breathtaking. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And they let us play in them, you couldn’t help but be blissfully happy when running around in a field of flowers. If you are in Cincinnati next year around this time I highly recommend checking it out.

Have you ever been Punkin Chunkin?! I highly recommend it, BTW I didn’t hit any of the scarecrows in the field. Maybe I could build one in my back yard, you know, to get a little practice in for next year. I’m sure the neighbors won’t mind!

How was your weekend?! What did you get into?

P.S. My good friend Sarah of Total Bassett Case is always doing something great with her weekends. Last weekend she got to meet Kevin Costner. She also links up with the hosts of Weekend Update. And since this post is about the weekend, I thought I’d link up too!

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