Painted Pumpkins For Fall

My sweet, sweet mama bought me some pumpkins this weekend.

I love the colors of the orange, green and white one.

The stem on the orange pumpkin is wickedly awesome.

This bumpy little guy’s so ugly he’s cute.

I haven’t yet decided what to do with them. I thought about painting, but they are much too cute to cover in paint. None the less, my curiosity has been peaked and I think I could find some room for a kitschy painted pumpkin in my home. Here are some of my favorite dolled up pumpkins.

1 moth pumpkins / 2 stacked pumpkins / 3 painted bats / 4 blue / 5 glittered / 6 metallic / 7 pumpkins contained / 8 black butterflies / 9 bugs

Have you gotten your pumpkins yet? Which painted pumpkin is your favorite?!

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