Almost 2 months ago my sister-in-law moved all the way to the sunny, perfect state of CA. I miss having her around, she’s like the girl version of my husband (and I mean that in the coolest way possible.) Her birthday is this Saturday, Hip hip hooray! Because she is 2300 miles away I needed a new way to celebrate her birthday. Sure I sent her a present, but it didn’t seem like enough. So, in honor of my beautiful and amazingly strong sister, I’ve designed free printable food tags for everyone out there in blogland to enjoy! I don’t know about you, but I frequently give away cookies, muffins, soup and various other edible items. I find it helpful and adorable to include a label with what the edible gift is.

Click Here For Your FOOD = LOVE Printable Download 

Use it as many times as you wish! It’s my gift to you. fyi – print in landscape and use card stock or photo quality matte finish paper for best results. For personal use only, please don’t corporately distribute or sell, as this is copyrighted material.

Please feel free to share this on pintrest or your blog, just link back to when you do! 

Happy Birthday Girl! Love and kisses x

Do you have any birthday rituals? How do you celebrate your long distance birthday loved ones?

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