Baby Update: It’s A….

So many of you have called or written with your congratulations about our big announcement, thank you so much! And I now have an answer for those who have been wondering what we are having! 

Baby Girl Shopping Guide \\ FancyFreeMe

1. baby blanket.  2. diaper bag.  3. nursery art.  4. teething rings.  5. stroller.  6. bibs and swaddling cloths

I’m pretty set for baby no. 2 since it’s another girl. But I did learn a few things the first time around and there are some baby supply additions and swaps I’d like to make. These are a few things I’ve had my eye on. 

Do you have any must have items? Please share, there’s so many new things that weren’t around just 2 years ago!

Adding A Pop Of Color To A Reading Chair

Over the Holiday Season I participated in a Art Swap with the lovely and talented Albertina. She sent me a stunning pillow from her Mimosa Lane Collection for my study and I sent her cocktail squares for her Bar’moire. Yesterday she revealed this stunning Armoire turned Bar (see it here) It’s the Beverly Hills Hotel meets Palm Beach Chic for cocktail hour. 

I thought I’d catch you all up to speed with how I’m using my new favorite pillow. I sent Albertina a photo of my study chair and asked her to send the pillow of her choice to help spice up the space. I LOVE trusting talented designers to take me in a direction I wouldn’t normally choose for myself. Here is the end result!

Adding color to your reading chair-FancyFreeMe

Adding Color to Your Reading Chair-FancyFreeMe

Adding color to your reading chair-FancyFreeMe

I absolutely adore the vibrancy it brings to the space. Thank you Albertina! I seriously smile every time I enter the room, it’s such a cheerful little corner now. I think the b+w striped throw accentuates the color, I got that as an early birthday gift from my little sis and come to think of it, the chair came from my sister-in-law. I should rename this the giving chair!


Kitchen Changes: Shelving is In!

Last week I shared my disaster zone I like to call my kitchen here. With more people in our family now things tend to clutter up much quicker. My round table wasn’t cutting it anymore so I’ve opted to go with shelving to give me more storage room. And for crying out loud, cleaning up the clutter!


Kitchen Nook Clutter-2


New Kitchen Shelf-FancyFreeMe

New Kitchen Shelf 2-FancyFreeMe


New Kitchen Shelf 3-FancyFreeMe

The shelf fits perfectly in the space (Ikea’s  Varde shelving unit )and I love the butcher block top and the stainless steel shelves, but I feel like it’s floating out in no-man’s-land with all the unfinished wood in my white kitchen. Which is why these pics are titled After/Progress. Now that it’s in the room it’s going to be needing some white paint for a more integrated look. 

What do you think of the changes so far? And don’t forget to check back next week, hopefully this baby will have a nice makeover!

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